November 18, 2011

Youda Mystery: The Stanwick Legacy v1.1 (UPDATED) bug fixed, sewing Room+Glasses

Youda Mystery: The Stanwick Legacy v1.1   (UPDATED)

After her parents mysteriously deceased when she was still a little child, her grandfather sent Emma Stanwick to a boarding school.
Stanwick Manor, once a beautiful house and Emma’s home, is now abandoned and empty. The manor has been in the family for ages. Emma’s great-grandfather also lived here before she was born. She recalls her grandfather telling her that he was an inventor of some sorts: “A bit of a mysterious man.”
Recently her granddad died and she, being the last heir, inherits the manor. With mixed feelings about it all, she goes back to her old home to find out if there is still any secret to reveal. Her granddad said he told the whole story, but did he?
When her taxi approaches the house there is a strange light glowing through the windows. As Emma enters the mysterious manor she hears a strange heartbeat like sound. What’s going on?
During her search, Emma discovers that nothing is what it seems to be. Why is the fireplace lit? What is the purpose of the strange piping, running through the house? Why do some of the paintings move and what makes that heartbeat like sound?
Emma’s memories of living in the manor make it possible to open secret locks and lead her further into the house, revealing more and more secrets…Did grandfather leave enough clues for Emma to reveal the real Stanwick Legacy and will she be clever enough to do the right thing?

•   A thrilling story with an unexpected end
•   Over 50 levels with 18 Hidden object levels
•   29 challenging mini-games to open locks and find clues
•   Breathtaking, original HD artwork;
•   An old house with lots of memories scattered throughout 4 different floors
•   A map and a guide to store clues and memories
•   Non-linear game play
•   a spooky attic and a bone chilling basement
•   An old family secret and a young woman that has the right to know

Thank yu : LEEGT

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UPDATE! New version available for Youda Mystery: The Stanwick Legacy! November 15, 2011

** The new version of this game addresses the issue in the sewing room with the glasses.
(You may need to start over with a new player profile in order for the changes to take effect.)

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