September 22, 2015

NPC ที่เปลี่ยนสกิลเวลของแต่ละสาย

After the hundredth level all the classes you can switch to one of these three classes
 เวล ระดับ 1
Apprentice Warrior and Apprentice Mage need to be level:10  Npc:Varuna
 Warrior and  Mage need to be level:20  Npc:Varuna
เวลระดับ 2 ***50-70  
Apprentice Knight or Hunter and Apprentice Wizard or Cleric need to be level:50 อาชีพฝึกหัด

Npc:Venia/Kady for Apprentice Knight and Apprentice Hunter*อัศวิน พรานฝึกหัดไปหา เวเนียที่ทั่งราบโลโคโคและเคดี้ที่บ้านดีล
//Venia เพื่อทำเควส Level 3 Battle Mastery,ของที่ต้องหา Collect: 5 Cockatrice Wing, 5 Mushroom Spore, and 5 Black Fur.

Npc:Rita/Maya for Apprentice Wizard or Apprentice Cleric**สายเวท พระ ไปหา ริต้าที่ป่าแม่มด กับ มายาที่หอดูดวงตลาดโลโคโค

 Knight or Hunter and  Wizard or Cleric need to be level:70 อาชีพเต็มขั้นสอง
Npc:for Knight and hunter sofya Guild**อัศวิน/นักฆ่าไปเมืองโซเฟีย ก่อนตรงไปหากงศุล ให้เลี้่ยวขวาไปรับเควสกับกลุ่มในนั้น

Npc: for Wizard and Cleric sofya Cathedral*** สายเวทกับพระเข้าโบสถ์เมืองโซเฟีย

เวลระดับ 3 *** 120-140
All Apprentice Paladin/Gladiator/Sniper/ Assasin/High Wizard/Enchanter/Bishop/Monk
need to be level:120

Npc:for Paladin/Gladiator/Sniper/Assasinไปซาเทริก้าในผับจิ้งจอก capital Saterika Pub

Npc:for High Wizard/Enchanter/Bishop/Monk ไปอำเภอ capital Saterika President Office

Paladin/Gladiator/Sniper/ Assasin/High Wizard/Enchanter/Bishop/Monk
need to be level:140
Npc:for Paladin/Gladiator/Sniper/ Assasin/High Wizard/Enchanter/Bishop/Monk
capital city Elban King Elban

Npc:for Ninj and Samurai Minaula city Suigetsu

Npc:for Minstrel Capital city Elban merchant Rulea


Professional advancement tree
↨                                  ↨
Apprentice Warrior              Apprentice Mage
↨                                                  ↨
____Warrior_____                  _____  Mage_____
↨                          ↨                 ↨                             ↨
Aprentice Knight    Aprentice Hunter     Aprentice Wizard    Aprentice Cleric
     ↨                                  ↨                           ↨                                 ↨
____Knight____      _____Hunter_____      ____Wizard_____      ____Cleric____
↨                  ↨            ↨                     ↨        ↨                      ↨           ↨                   ↨
Aprentice   Aprentice   Aprentice   Aprentice   Aprentice   Aprentice   Aprentice   Aprentice
   Gladiator    Sniper     Assasin    High Wizard     Enchanter    Bishop      Monk
↨               ↨                ↨              ↨                  ↨                       ↨                ↨             ↨
Paladin    Gladiator    Sniper     Assasin    High Wizard     Enchanter    Bishop      Monk



For the non-main-story quests, choose the "Quest" option when talking to the required NPC.
ชื่อเควสNPC เริ่มต้นRewardสิ่งที่ต้องทำเงื่อนไข
Secret of KnightSherauLevel 1 BerserkSlay: 10 Grand Rocker, 10 Crapse, 10 Sotey, and 10 PorgeAt least level 70
Knightly RevivalNerylLevel 2 RelaxCollect: 1 Jagged Blade from Burnos.
Slay: 5 Rakelter, 5 Apestle, and 5 Fire Elemental
At least level 100
A Knight Goes OnLeyardLevel 3 Hard HitCollect: 50 Tough Skin, 50 Rat Tails.
Slay: 30 Ganoschka, 20 Sandworm, and 10 Mars
At least level 110

เควสสกิลและไอเทมของนายพราน Hunter

เควสสกิลและไอเทมของนายพราน Hunter Skill

ชื่อเควสNPC เริ่มต้นRewardสิ่งที่ต้องทำเงื่อนไข
Not All Arrows are EqualTielบ้านดีลFire Arrows, or
Water Arrows, or
Wind Arrows, or
Earth Arrows
Fire Arrows: 6 Fire Beads (Vatendeth) + 10 Hellish Scale (Fire Dragon Blaiard) + 50 Broken Staff (Baum) + 30 Birds Wings (Chilring)
Water Arrows: 6 Water Beads (Argoteus) + 32 Big Blue Fin (Argoteus) + 50 Broken Staff (Baum) + 30 Birds Wings (Chilring)
Wind Arrows: 6 Wind Beads (Chilring) + 5 Feathers (Harpy) + 50 Broken Staff (Baum) + 30 Birds Wings (Chilring)
Earth Arrows: 6 Earth Beads (Ferzen) + 15 Blue Stone (Ferzen) + 50 Broken Staff (Baum) + 30 Birds Wings (Chilring)
At least level 80
Poisonous ProgressSolf//in Pub: Fox's DenLevel 3 Venom AttackCollect: 10 Venom (Albreroตุ๊กตาไม้อินเจ), 10 Tough Plumage (Albird), and 10 Sharp Needle (Vespa) After quest update, slay: 25 Dazzle and 25 PulmoAt least level 110
Reverse NumbnessSitara ร้านเหล้าเคลย่าLevel 1 ImpetusCollect: 50 Hardstone (Pierre), 10 Zircon (Ganoschka), and 3 Giant Gem (Gemic)At least level 100
Arrow DelugeNephertaเลี้ยวขวาก่อนทางไปหากงศุล โซเฟียlevel 2 Arrow RainKill 15 Porge, 10 Sirena and bring 1 Blue FeatherAt least level 90

September 4, 2015

iruna ชั้นใต้ดิน 71-95

Underground 71 floor
Baphomet Lv201
Drop: black wings, huge wrap angle, sharp sickle, Orichalcum
Special attack: magic
Attribute: Darkness / weakness: light
EXP: 7815
Prieure Lv203
Drop: sharp Agokiba, of strange shape corner, vaccine (darkness), ◇ sharpness III
Special attack: magic
Attribute: Darkness / weakness: light
EXP: 8301
Ghost Lv202
Drop: beans lost power, sharp claws, onyx, indelible grudge
Special attack: magic
Attribute: Darkness / weakness: light
EXP: 8282
Aggression: Active


Underground 51 floor
Ignis Lv160 · 162
Drop: mysterious Purupuru, concentrated Ribaita (small), fire Drops, Flame Ring [Special]
Special attack: magic
Attribute: Fire / weakness: water
EXP: 4857 · 4975
Skerritt Lv164
Drop: bone of the old veteran, Ribaita (large), Mithril, Dusk ring [special]
Special attack: not
Attribute: Darkness / weakness: light
EXP: 2547
Underground 52nd floor
Ripureza Lv160 · 164
Drop: cracked iron plate, maintenance oil, concentrated Ribaita (medium), rays of the arrow [Special]
Special attack: not
Attribute: Fire / weakness: water
EXP: 4857 · 5094


Underground 41 floor
Ancient swordsman Lv140 · 141
Drop: missing sword, hematite, special vaccine, skull and crossbones bracelet [Special]
Special attack: poison
Attribute: Fire / weakness: water
EXP: 3586 · 3636
Aggression: Active
Kodaiyari-shi Lv142
Drop: heavy blade, hit of pills, drops of pieces, Waizubiado [Add]
Special attack: not
Attribute: water / weaknesses: wind
EXP: 3685
Aggression: Active

Iruna ข้อมูลชั้นใต้ดิน ชั้น 21-40

Underground 21st floor

ชั้น 21 Burossha Lv90
ดรอป: war frog skin, Ribaita (large), frog armor pieces, Damasukaringu [special]
Attribute: Wind / weaknesses: the earth
EXP: 1476
Aggression: under-active
Moruburosshu Lv92
ดรอป: Murasakikaeru centerpiece, Murasakikaeru skin, frog meat, HIT + 25
Special attack: poison
Attribute: Earth / weakness: Fire
EXP: 1538
Aggression: under-active 

Myths of the World 7: The Whispering Marsh Collectors Edition

Myths of the World 7: The Whispering Marsh
Collectors Edition
While you travel to the idyllic city of Kaltdorf as the County Bounder determined to unravel the chilling case of the disappearances in the whispering marsh, your journey takes a turn for the worst. Strange flickering lights emerge from the swamp and attack, and you are forced to flee and navigate to the city. You are met with frightened stares of the townsfolk while you find out about the terrible curse of the Lantern Man and the threat he poses. As you continue your quest, strange facts arise about the townsfolk and you discover a tragic tale of treason, revenge and lost love. Can you unravel the mystery and the origin of the flickering lights and stop the fabled Lantern Man, before more innocent lives are consumed by the swamp?