July 26, 2015

เปลี่ยนอาชีพเป็น Minstrel

Become a minstrel The Capital City Elban, talk to the คุยกะคนนี้ Merchant Rulea เพื่อเรียนและเปลี่ยนสายเป็นคนธรรพ์Song Lore and Humming At least Level 100 ไอเทมที่ต้องหาFearful Evil Eye x1 (Cyclops, Maze of Enzeits) Coralite x1 (Mars, *Rare Drop*, Lede Salt Lake) Starhunter Petal x1 (Kijimu, Level 14 in Ronfa Mountains) Goddess Tear x1 (Seele Zauga Quest in Saterica) ..................... Song of the Bygone Bard The Capital City Elban, talk to the Merchant Rulea Wisdom Song Pretty Wing x1 (Schmit, Ruins underground in Elban) Pretty Scale x1 (Luine, Karue Reef) Pretty Shell x1 (Mariquita, Labilans Sector: West) Pretty Feather x1 (Picus, Forest of Ein) Minstrel Class ....................... Whispering Waters of the Lake Karue Reef and talk to Neryl Life Song White Feather x1 (Harpy, Dragon Isle) Fuzz (Pallone, Sofya Outskirts) x1 Spirit Silk x1 (Fire Elemental, Rolba Flatlands) Deer Hide x1 (Lichet, Tower of Ice) Minstrel Class Forgot Quest Name? Speak with NPC at Tea house in Minuala City Dream Song Slay one of each monster in dark castle in Minuala Minstrel Class