October 1, 2011

Sims 3 Bodyshop+Makeup bigset by Tifa

  • Lips

Tifa Lip N1 For Kids

Tifa Lip N2

Tifa Lip N4

Tifa Lip N5

Tifa Lip N6

Tifa Lip N7

Tifa Lip N8

Tifa Lip N11

Tifa Lip N12

Tifa Lip N13

Tifa Lip N14

Tifa Lip N15

Tifa Lip N16

Tifa Lip N17

Tifa Lip N18

Tifa Lip N19

Tifa Lip N20

Tifa Lip N21

Tifa Lip N23

Tifa Lip N25

Tifa Lip N26

Tifa Lip N28

Tifa Lip N29

Tifa Lip N31

Tifa Clear Lip Gloss

Tifa Clear Lip Gloss V2
  • Eyes

Tifa Eyes N2

Tifa Eyes N4

Tifa Eyes N6

Tifa Eyes N7

Tifa Eyes N8

Tifa Eyes N9

Tifa Eyes N10

Tifa Eyes N12

Tifa Eyes N16

Tifa Eyes N17

Tifa Eyes N18

Tifa Eyes N20

Tifa Eyes N21

Tifa Eyes N22

Tifa Eyes N24

Tifa Eyes N25

Tifa Eyes N26

Tifa Eyes N28

Tifa Eyes N29

Tifa Eyes N31
  • And everything else..

Tifa Beauty Mark+ Blusher

Tifa Eyeliner N1

Tifa Eyeliner N2

Tifa Eyeliner N3

Tifa Eyeliner N4

Tifa Eyeliner N5

Tifa Eyeliner N6

Tifa Blusher N2

Tifa Blush N3

Tifa Blusher N4

Tifa Blush N5 and Custom Make Up

Tifa Blusher N6

Tifa Baby Doll Blush

Tifa Scar/Blusher

Tifa Scar V2

Tifa Scar V3

Tifa Scar V4

Tifa Scar V6

Tifa Mouth Corner

Tifa Mouth Corner V2

Tifa Eyebag

Tifa Eyebag V2

Tifa Eyebag V3

Tifa Eyeshadow N2

Tifa Eyeshadow N4

Tifa Face Highlighter

Tifa Face Highlighter V2

Tifa Nose Highlighter

Tifa Nose Mask

Tifa Face Skin V3

Tifa Freckle

Tifa Face Painting
 credit : tifa  , Caitlin-simscave

I don't play sims 3  but I  like this collection , pls. allow me to share the good nice things for people in the world. Thank you !!!

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