October 5, 2011

Columbus: Ghost of the Mystery Stone PLUS GUIDE [FINAL]

Columbus: Ghost of the Mystery Stone PLUS GUIDE [FINAL]/226MB

After crashing his ship, and being tossed overboard, Columbus sees a beautiful apparition reaching out to him. Waking up on a mysterious island, Columbus begins to explore his surroundings and stumbles upon ancient treasures and perplexing puzzles.Help razz find beer! Find important items that will help you move on in Columbus: Ghost of the Mystery Stone, a fun Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game.

*Gorgeous gameplay
*Incredible artwork
*Explore an island!
*Includes Strategy Guide!

Thanks to Tac-cm.

Wendy's Installer:


MF : Thanks: Xiaolin

P.1 http://www.mediafire.com/?rb4yx5dyd4p757a

P.2 http://www.mediafire.com/?j46wbm5vwio9gqr

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