October 10, 2011

FastStone Capture 7.0 (x32-x64) -- Tested and Work !!

Version 7.0 (September 28, 2011)

Improved the "Draw" tool:
Now it is possible to draw same kind of objects continuously without having to select the drawing tool again and again
Ctrl+S shortcut to the OK button
Ctrl+MouseWheel to zoom in/out
Zoom up to 400% instead of 200%
Improved "Acquire Images from Scanner"
Combined color adjustment tools into one comprehensive tool: "Adjust Colors"
Added more effects: Reflection, Oil Painting and Sketch
Added "Recent Files" list for quick access to recently used files
Added some shortcuts to the editor:
Press Z key to zoom selection
Press W key to open containing folder if the file exists
Press I key to view file properties if the file exists
Added more options to the "Editor" section of the Settings
Added more options to the "Screen Magnifier" section of the Settings
Added "Rotate by Any Degree"
Supports custom colors in all color picking dialogs
Other minor improvements and bug fixes

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