April 1, 2012

Recoil-- Windows-based tank game.

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Recoil is a 1999 tank-based Windows computer game. It involves the player driving a stolen experimental tank

known as the BFT (Battle Force Tank) through various missions. There is heavy influence on the wide array of

weapons to be collected throughout the game. It was developed by Zipper Interactive, a subsidiary of its parent

publisher, Electronic Arts in 1998, and noticeably uses the same game engine as Mechwarrior 3.

Computer hacking rebels in the midst of intense battle with Network machines have secured control over this

experimental vehicle. Its light, but sturdy frame makes the BFT very fast and able to withstand a lot of damage.

The BFT also can carry a large collection of weapons; Dual Pulse Guns, Cannons, Mine Launchers, Missiles and

various other high tech firearms. With the acquisition of advanced technologies, the BFT can transform to a water-

skimming amphib vehicle, a hover-tank and a submarine.
Tracked Mode – available from the start, allows the BFT great maneuverability on land.
Amphib Mode – turns the BFT into an attack boat.
Hover Mode – lets the BFT float over lava or other harmful substances.
Sub Mode – allows the BFT to dive underwater.

System Requirements

CPU:Pentium 166 MHz
Windows 95/98(XP works great)
DirectX 6.X or above
Video:16 MB
300 MB of free hard disk space
Mouse,Keyboard or Joystick
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File Size: 31MB


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