February 10, 2013

Scrabble Plus

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Play one of the world's most popular word games in a whole new way with SCRABBLE PLUS! This reimagined version of of the classic crossword game features all-new graphics and four fantastic game modes. Play the way you remember in SCRABBLE Classic. Put your word-making skills to the test in SCRABBLE Wizard. Or, take on unique computer opponents in exciting, board-to-board, duel action with SCRABBLE Golf and SCRABBLE battle. Each game mode contains two innovative variations for a total of eight exhilarating ways to play! A brilliant twist on timeless fun, SCRABBLE PLUS also features a powerful hint feature, helpful power-ups, and endless fun for both veterans and beginners. There's something for everyone in SCRABBLE PLUS! Try the free demo version, or play the full version and see why it's going to take more than a big vocabulary to win this original game. After more than 50 years and over 100 million players, SCRABBLE PLUS is an exciting step in the digital evolution of this beloved favorite. It's SCRABBLE . . . plus a whole lot more!

*Play the way you remember with SCRABBLE Classic.
*Try to reach the green with the longest words in SCRABBLE Golf.
*Take on a challenging opponent in a strategic round of SCRABBLE Battle
*Put your lexical skills to the test in SCRABBLE Wizard
*Helpful hints, unique power-ups, and much, much more


35.4 MB

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