September 13, 2013

In Search of Treasure: Pirate Stories [FINAL]|99 MB= Velo Version

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 In Search of Treasure: Pirate Stories [FINAL]|99 MB

 Many years ago, the ship of the legendary pirate Henry Morgan ran into a terrible storm. To save themselves from the ferocious tempest, the crew tried to steer the ship towards a nearby island, but couldn't make it, ending up lodged on a reef.
 The ship's crew struck out for the island, their treasure in tow, to live out their days and bury the treasure on this deserted isle.
 You, a cabin boy on that ill-fated voyage having managed to escape somehow, have grown up to captain a ship of your own! Now you must plot your return to this island to claim the pirate treasure for yourself!

 -Choose the difficulty settings for your game
 -4 unique types of Match-3 challenges
 -Find the pirate treasure and claim it as your own!





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