March 14, 2014

Dark Dimensions 4: Somber Song Collectors Edition / 1.4 GB

Dark Dimensions 4: Somber Song
Collectors Edition

You’ve traveled across the country, tracking down dark dimensions in search of your missing family, when you stumble upon a violent one that has taken over the city of Seven Oaks, North Dakota. The black smoke is chasing people and captured a young girl right in front of your eyes. What caused this dark dimension, and who is being controlled by its influences? You must investigate for the truth behind the town’s recent tragedy if you want to save its future. A friendly spirit may help you, but can you trust him? Free the people and save the town in this exciting hidden-object puzzle adventure game!

Collectors Edition Features:
•   Bonus chapter, featuring an exciting epilogue!
•   Find collectibles that unlock bonus Match-3 levels
•   Exclusive diary that chronicles the game’s development!
•   Concept art gallery, soundtrack, and wallpapers




1.4 GB

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