June 13, 2011

Dinner Date คู่ซ้อม พร้อมเดท(พร้อมฟัน มันแรงไป)

Dinner Date” is the portrait of Julian: from his desires and doubts to reflections on his friends and his place in the world. You are not merely witnessing - by interacting with Julian and his world you gain a clear vantage point on his life.
The wait for the beautiful girl he invited over becomes longer and she becomes the dominant factor in his thoughts. And yet his true problems may not even begin with the girl: what of his work, of his boss, the headhunter, his fascination of Byron and his friendship with Jerry, who had been pushing Julian to take on this date?
In „Dinner Date” you will experience all this: with some drinks, some bread, some soup - and with a clock that slowly mocks the constant wait for when she comes, this elusive girl who will solve everything.

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