June 3, 2012

Farm Craft 1-2 --- LeeGT Version ^o^

LeeGT version : Farm Craft 1
Create your own garden in Farm Craft, a colorful challenge featuring bushels of farm fun! Ginger has always shown a special talent for nurturing plants and animals. When AgroCorporation wants to develop the land outside of town, it's up to Ginger to use her knack for farming to save the village farms! Help Ginger plant and harvest a variety of produce, feed and look after the livestock, and save each farm from the onslaught of industry. Design each farm according to your own taste and expand your operation with new tools, plants, and animals. Join Ginger on her delightful adventure in Farm Craft today.

Game Features:
# Loads of Crops, Livestock, and More
# Design Your Own Farm
# Amazing Graphics and Animations

31 MB

Farm Craft 2

Global Vegetable Crisis

Dash/Time Management Game!

Do you remember Ginger, a young lady from the distant neglected village? Well, she is back in Farm Craft 2 game! At present Ginger is a prosperous business woman. Her company owners a series of farms all over the world, and that%u2019s not all! Tomato is known as a supplier of only the freshest and ecological vegetables. Ginger seems to be at the top of her career when she visits her grandparents. Occasionally, the woman meets an unfortunate businessman. Will Ginger help him set things going? All depends on you in Farm Craft 2 game!

In this sequel to the popular time management game Farm Craft you%u2019ll remember everything you learnt about farming. Teach your unlucky friend cultivate land, grow vegetables, manage stocks and more. In Farm Craft 2 you%u2019ll travel to various country, meet interesting people and solve lots of secrets. Enjoy funny characters, lovely cartoon-style graphics and lots of tricky levels.

Game Features:
Sequel To The Popular Time Management Game
Fresh Interesting Story To Follow
Lots Of Challenging Levels To Walk Through
Polished Graphics And Nice Music
Unique Minigames
Stop The Global Veggie Crisis!



96 MB

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