June 11, 2012

Haunted Hotel 4 Pack AIO (HOG) [FINAL]

Haunted Hotel 4 Pack AIO (HOG) [FINAL]

This Brand New 4 Pack contains all 4 of the Haunted Hotel Games from Haunted Hotel up to the latest "Charles Dexter Ward" which has just been released. You may install 1,2,3 or
4 of these great Hidden Object Games. Any true HOG enthusuiast should have this great series in their collection.
Created and Developed by Team prt1 with the cracking skills of LeeGT and TAC-CM/Velocity

Haunted Hotel 1

After crashing his car on the side of the road, a bewildered traveler finds himself checking in to the Haunted Hotel! In Haunted Hotel, you must explore frightful floors full of
spooky rooms to find Hidden Objects in creepy crevices. Immerse yourself in a thrilling adventure full of mysterious mini-games and addictive Hidden Object game play!

• In-Room Bonuses.
• Addictive Mini-Games!
• Unpredictable Ending!

Haunted Hotel 2 - Believe the Lies w/Walkthrough

A year has passed since the first encounter with the Haunted Hotel. Since then, a lone FBI agent has taken the case and discovered that the mystery is deeper than originally
suspected. His investigation leads him to the Lonely Star, a Hotel with an intriguing mystery surrounding it. Can our hero find out who is behind the disappearances and close
the case once and for all? Help the agent seek out the answers in his thrilling investigation of Haunted Hotel 2!

Game Features:
* Return to the Haunted Hotel
* Navigate eerie environments
* Fiendish puzzles & mini-games

Haunted Hotel 3 - Loney Dream w/Walkthrough

Explore the Haunted Hotel and experience supernatural phenomenon for yourself in Haunted Hotel: The Lonely Dream! Find Hidden Objects as you explore the different rooms of the
Hotel and discover spooky secrets. Collect helpful Inventory objects to help you progress through the building, and solve tricky puzzles. Each room brings you closer to the
truth in Haunted Hotel: The Lonely Dream!

Game Features:

* Gorgeous graphics
* Explore the Haunted Hotel!

Haunted Hotel 4 - Charles Dexter Ward (Collector's Edition)

Track down your missing twin in Haunted Hotel: Charles Dexter Ward. The only trace of your missing twin is the necklace he never took off…and a swampland address. Follow the
clues to an abandoned hotel and unravel a mystery of necromancy and more in this eerie hidden-object puzzle adventure classic!

This is a special Collector's Edition release full of exclusive extras you won’t find in the standard version.

The Collector’s Edition includes:
Bonus Gameplay
Integrated Strategy Guide
Concept Art

Game Features:
* Excellent graphics.
* Atmospheric and haunting.

Thanks : prt1


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