June 18, 2013

The "Big Kahuna" Reef 4 Pack

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The Big Kahuna Reef 4 Pack| 252 mb
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Big Kahuna Reef (1)

Go Hawaiian in this gorgeous underwater adventure! Discover amazing aquatic life as you search for the Mask of the Tiki in this classic puzzle game. Match groups of sea life to break open boxes and release the fish within. Then, watch your fish swim in the stunning "My Fish" area. Using the revolutionary Mouse Party, you can play with multiple players on the same computer through an almost infinite number of levels. Plus, detailed information for each fish type means Big Kahuna Reef isn't just fun, it's educational too! Lead on Kahuna . . . your quest awaits!

Two Game Modes: Standard and Relaxed Play
Fun and Challenging Game Play
Beautiful Graphics and Sounds
Play with Friends and Family in the Mouse Party

Big Kahuna Reef 2 - Chain Reaction
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Go Hawaiian all over again! Featuring 750 levels from designers around the world, this spectacular sequel is a captivating underwater treat. Discover new and exciting fish, dive with whales, and marvel at the explosive new features. All the great features from the original are back too including the Mouse Party, the My Fish area, and more! Even create your own Big Kahuna Reef levels with the built-in Editor! Dive back in to this undersea paradise.

Two Game Modes: Standard and Relaxed Play
Over 750 Challenging Levels
Discover Exotic Sea Life
Stunning Full Screen Graphics
Bonus Screensaver

Big Kahuna Words

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Travel back to the islands as the reef comes back to life with a new word challenge! Dive between the Hammerhead Sharks and other aquatic life, breaking stone blocks with your words in an explosive twist on the hit puzzler. Discover the might of the Tiki Totem and earn rewards for your word-creation prowess in two great game modes. Explore an almost infinite number of underwater realms as you search for words hidden in each level. Even create your own challenges with the built-in level editor. It's all the fun and action of Big Kahuna Reef for word lovers!

Two Game Modes: Standard and Relaxed Play
Play with Friends and Family in the Mouse Party
Built-In Editor
Helpful Bonuses

Big Kahuna Reef 3

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Say aloha to a long lost underwater paradise with Big Kahuna Reef 3, the long-awaited sequel from the hit series.

Hawaii beckons once again and welcomes you to its beauty beneath the waves in a fantastic new Match 3 challenge. Discover breathtaking aquatic life with the help of the Tiki as you break open boxes and release the creatures within. It's the classic game with a host of fun new features.

Play in Timed or Relaxed settings as you clear levels to earn money and create your very own underwater reef. Buy fish, food, and décor to liven it up. The fun doesn't stop there however, because with Mouse Party mode, you can invite friends to play along with you. With four all new mini-games, plus the introduction of Talisman and Charm power-ups to give you an extra boost, you can take your Match 3 play to the next level.

Dive back into the beauty beneath the waves in this exciting Match 3 voyage.
Play in Timed or Relaxed settings to earn money for your own underwater reef.
Invite friends to play with you in the Mouse Party mode.
Enjoy four new mini-games plus Talisman and Charm power-ups.
Discover facts about breathtaking aquatic life with the help of the Tiki.





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