August 8, 2011

The Fall of Gods Chapter 1 v1.004-F4CG

The Fall of Gods Chapter 1 v1.004-F4CG | 197 Mb

Looks like a very different game, unlike most RPGs. I haven’t been able to get far yet, but I have to say, the art style appeals to me and it seems like this could be a good, fun game. Unlike turn-based battles, you control one person who can while fighting move freely, attack or cast spells. You have a certain amount of life hearts (I think 5 at the beginning) and spell power.

Who will win? The Gods or Darkness? This is an EPIC story about one man’s fight to decide the fate of his world. Journey across the land of Ergia and fight monsters in real-time, solve complex riddles, and enjoy fantastic maps filled with custom art.



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