August 15, 2011

Midnight Mysteries AIO Collector's Pack (HOG) [FINAL] : Thanks: Prt1 -- ASTA

Midnight Mysteries AIO Collector's Pack (HOG) [FINAL]

This great AIO package contains all 3 exciting Midnight Mysteries Games and can be installed as 1 or 2 or all 3 games....dont miss out on this great collection of HOG's as any HOG enthusiast would love to have in their collection. Midnight Mysteries 1 includes a walkthrough, Midnight Mysteries 2 includes a strategy guide and Midnight Mysteries 3 (the latest) has a built-in strategy guide along with many other collector's edition ONLY features

Midnight Mysteries: The Edgar Allan Poe Conspiracy
Use your famous mystery-writing skills to help solve an ancient homicide and capture Edgar Allan Poe`s murderer! Follow your ghostly guides through Poe`s classic tales as you meet the different suspects in this dark and haunting Hidden Object game. Find inspiration for your next book as you collect clues, interview witnesses, and fix the centuries-old crime in Midnight Mysteries: The Edgar Allan Poe Conspiracy!

* Immersive Atmosphere
* Gorgeous Graphics
* Find Poe`s Murderer!

Midnight Mysteries 2 - Salem Witch Trials w/STRATEGY GUIDE
The famed writer Nathaniel Hawthorne has died during a freak snow storm, and his ghost has come to you, asking for help. Travel back and forth in time from the scene of the author's demise to the 17th century, where a town is going mad with rumors of witchcraft and a woman is facing the gallows. Unravel the secrets of Salem's accused witches and solve the death of Hawthorne in Midnight Mysteries: Salem Witch Trials, a fun Hidden Object game.

* Collectible clovers
* Fantastic graphics
* Solve the Midnight Mystery!

Midnight Mysteries 3: Devil on the Mississippi Collector's Edition
Mark Twain's ghost has come to you seeking help. When Twain's passion for literary history reignites a controversial debate about the true identity of Shakespeare, the age-old question resurrects one of the most evil interested parties. After waking the evil spirit, Twain sets about to rid his time of the darkness, but the plot only thickens. With Twain's help, you have to unravel the connections to try to set history straight in Midnight Mysteries: Devil on the Mississippi!

The Collector's Edition includes:
* Integrated Strategy Guide
* Wonderful Wallpapers
* Bonus gameplay
* Concept art

AIO designed and created by team prt1 and Game fix credits go to LeeGT and Velocity



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