October 17, 2013

Nancy Drew 29: The Silent Spy Bonus Edition

Nancy Drew 29: The Silent Spy
Bonus Edition

Defuse a Toxic Plot and Reveal the Truth Behind Kate Drew's Death!
Nearly a decade ago Agent Kate Drew left home to neutralize a biochemical weapon in Scotland. While her assignment was a success, Kate died in a car accident. Or so we were told. Now the echoes of a similar plot reverberate and it's up to you, as detective Nancy Drew, to thwart the sleeper cell and expose the truth about your mother's tragic demise.

Game Features:
●   Solve the Most Personal Nancy Drew Mystery Adventure Ever! Learn about
Nancy's mother and what really transpired during her final days
●   Tinker with Cutting-Edge Spy Gadgetry! Expose dead drops and
black operations by gathering intelligence and new leads
●   Experience Nancy's Childhood Memories! Trigger vivid memories
of Kate Drew as you discover critical information
●   Match Wits with New Twists! Characters change
their motives as your investigation unfolds
●   Immerse yourself in Traditional Scottish Heritage! Investigate a remote
training arena dedicated to the culture of the Highland Games
●   Spy at Different Difficulty Levels! Play at สาธุ ขอให้แม่มันเป็นตามที่มันโฆษณา or Master
Sleuth level and erase mistakes without starting over

Bonus Edition:
●   Play classic mini-games on your cell phone!
●   Find and collect exclusive in-game phone charms!
●   Receive additional texts on your in-game cell phone!
●   Find and listen to an exclusive audio clip in the cabin!
●   Earn a unique in-game award!
●   PDF Strategy Guide!




1.3 GB

Thanks to Starrwolff,LeeGT

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