October 7, 2013

Settlers of the West [FINAL] (Updated to V1.04)-- LeeGT


Settlers of the West
Settlers of the West puts you in charge of city planning in the 1850's new American frontier! Tame the wild west from the comfort of your couch as you join Lucy or Walt's adventure along historic trails. You decide what buildings your settlements need, what buildings to upgrade, and what jobs to assign Settlers to so that your towns flourish! Have jobs that need fillin' like town doctor, miner, or farmer? Build some homes for settlers or large pack animals like horses and oxen to move in to! Need gold, lumber or food for your Settlers? Build a Mine, Lumber Yard, or Farm to harvest those resources! 1850's cutting edge technology need figuring out? Build a workshop and hire a researcher! Pesky outlaws robbing your town? Sounds like you need to build a jail and hire a sheriff to apprehend them! Build and interact with saloons, churches, trading posts, you name it! Almost 30 unique and upgradeable buildings await in this simple to pickup yet epic in size resource management game created for casual and seasoned game players alike!

Game Features:
•   Historic trails, towns and infamous most wanted outlaws
•   Almost 30 unique and upgradable buildings
•   Delightfully charming art and music


 Updated to Version 1.04
The changes include:- slower timer when playing novice (it will be 25% easier to get a gold time)
 - slightly reduced status required for unlocking on the map
 - slightly increased gold and silver goal times on the Santa Fe levels


79 MB

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