July 1, 2011

Path to Success ระบำดวงดาว สายที่สอง

Path to Success

Tycoon/Strategy Game!

Set out in search of your place in the sun in Path to Success, a casual life sim with a world of opportunities. The sky is the limit as you create and customize your character, and then hit the streets of a big city with nothing but a few dollars and a dream. Go to college, get a great job, decorate your penthouse suite, eat at the best restaurants, and compete in challenges against virtual friends as you live your fantasy one day at a time. Just remember to rest so you can face tomorrow. It's your life! What are you going to do with it?

Game Features:
• 18 pets
• 42 career paths
• 28 locations to visit
• More than 40 challenges
• More than 100 household items

Thanks: LeeGT

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