July 27, 2011

Chocolatier 3 Decadence By Design ( Re Posted) ตำนานช๊อคโกแล๊ต

Travel the globe in search of flavorful and exotic ingredients you can use to customize your very own chocolate creations. Earn spaces in the official recipe book for inventions you create in your Secret Test Kitchen. You'll maximize profits by designing and marketing your own recipes and launching an entirely new line of products - Gourmet Coffees and Coffee Blends! Strive to become CEO of your personal chocolate empire while you help Alex, whose husband, Sean, has not been seen since the end of the war. While Alex embarks on a world-wide search for clues to Sean's whereabouts, you?ll have Post-World War II technology at your fingertips, along with the opportunity to discover that the best chocolates in the world are the ones you create!

    For the first time ever, you have complete control over the ingredients, look, description, and names of your customized recipes
    How you customize your chocolates has an economic impact on your success
    Economic sim focused on mouth-watering chocolate
    Latest installment of the award-winning Chocolatier franchise

Download : http://www.mediafire.com/?6cbgqknuodd

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