July 20, 2011

Diggles The Myth of Fenris (ISO)

Posted ImageSomehow escaping the binds of his magical leash, the Gleipnir, Fenris ran off into the underworld where he now sits unopposed, free to spread his doggy terror. In come the Diggles (a clan of dwarves -- the race Odin finally got around to creating sometime after the seas and before the fabled Doritos). Diggles are stocky, soil lovers at home in the under-earth. They agree to reclaim Odin's pooch not because of love or faith, or even for the gold, wine, mead, and divine powers that have been promised to them, but rather for full Viking-esque beards. ZZ Top would be so proud. But what of the women Diggles? Do they too become blessed with thick and full facial hair?
Posted Image
Posted Image
Game Info:

Password: Opus
credit : Opus,Hitzwarez

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