September 28, 2011

Committed: The Mystery at Shady Pines!แนวถูกขังไว้ในโรงพยาบาลหลอน แล้วหาทางหนี

You wake up strapped to a bed, inside an abandoned hospital. Find a way to save the patients, stop the psychotic doctor, and escape before it’s too late. Explore the inner workings of Shady Pines and solve challenging mini-games in this immersive hidden object puzzle adventure game! Uncover the truth about the doctor’s twisted experiments in Committed: The Mystery at Shady Pines!

The Premium Edition includes these exclusive features:
* Walkthrough strategy guide to help you solve the mystery
* High Definition Wallpapers
* Incredible high-definition graphics
* Gripping storyline full of twists and surprises
* Wide variety of mini-games and hidden object scenes
* Fully voiced characters and captivating soundtrack
* Bonus chapter with an hour of extra gameplay



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