September 16, 2011

Homesteader Match-3 gameplay at a whole new speed!

Homesteader [FINAL]


Match-3 gameplay at a whole new speed!
Hey, can ya answer a question for me? Maybe it's just that I'm older than the dirt I'm standin' on, but why is it every Match 3 puzzle game makes ya get 3-in-a-row? Not just 3 touching - 3 in a row. If ya had 3 chickens with one in front, one to the side, and one behind, that's still 3 chickens, right? That's a match, in't?

Homesteader [FINAL]

• Match three or more items at a time, but not necessarily in a row, to build your farm. More match opportunities.
• Move eight directions, not four. More strategies.
• 26 Levels per game.
• Four Difficulty settings.
• Chain reactions - which can be turned off to increase the difficulty.
• Alaska Mode - where you'll fight against ever-freezing ground
• Blitz Mode - where you have 1 minute per level to get maximum score.

Thanks: LeeGT

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