May 12, 2011

Fashion Forward [FINAL]

Fashion Forward [FINAL]| 98 MB

finds all is not smiles and sunshine in Fashion Forward, a fun time management adventure from Sandlot Games! Download Game and Play for Free!

After arriving in L.A., Risha finds that everyone in town, except for absurdly skinny actresses, is dressed in appallingly bad clothes. She vows to shake things up with a hot new boutique that offers cutting-edge fashion for people of ALL shapes and sizes.

Behind the scenes, Risha draws the ire of a major fashion magazine's editor who, prompted by a cadre of disgruntled designers, slams her new boutique in a scathing article designed to shut her down. Incensed, she decides to design her own line of clothing to refute these claims, proving fashion can be innovative and unique while still being flattering and available to everyone.

*60 action-packed levels
*2 minigames
*4 types of bonus mechanics
*90 cutting-edge fashion collections for men and women
*New interior upgrades will help increase customer patience and tips in the shop
*Help Risha launch her new line, win over her many detractors, and convince the famous fashion magazine editor that fashion is for everyone!



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