May 31, 2011

A Flipping Good Time [FINAL] / Platform / MF Link

A Flipping Good Time [FINAL]

A Flipping Good Time [FINAL] 38,85Mb

"A Flipping Good Time" is a 2D action platformer that is based around manipulating gravity and weight of the player. The game simple to learn and understand, but the difficulty can be ramped up for even the most seasoned platformer enthusiasts.

Gravity is manipulated via various in-game objects, the most basic being the gravity ore which comes in two colors. Red ore will flip the gravity upside down while blue ore will set the gravity back to a normal state. Changing gravity will be important to progress through the level, collect gems to unlock challenge levels, and utilize level space. Changing player weight is accomplished by picking up a special cape that toggles the player’s weight from a heavy to light state and light to heavy state. Heavy state plays as a traditional platformer and light state allows the player to jump higher, jump farther, and fall slower, allowing for a variety in gameplay challenges we can present to the player.


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