May 8, 2011

Secret of the Magic Crystals [FINAL] / MF Link

Secret of the Magic Crystals [FINAL]

Secret of the Magic Crystals [FINAL] 127,65Mb

Manage an entire stable of beautiful horses in Secret of the Magic Crystals, a horse-breeding game set in a fantasy world! Care for and breed legendary equine animals that include Pegasi, Unicorns, and Fire, Ice, & Shadow horses. Purchase more than 700 objects to make special horseshoes and magical potions for your animals. You can also train your horses in four different fields over five levels of difficulty! When your horses are ready, have them compete in events and complete special missions. Secret of the Magic Crystals is a beautiful fantasy game that lets you interact with your own family of magical creatures!

* Real time weather and season changing.
* 5 different buildings and over 5 levels to upgrade your buildings on your farm.
* 5 different fantasy horse.
* Interactive horse caring.
* Over 700 items to decorate your stable.
* Over 30 kinds of magical potions.
* Over 30 kinds of magical horseshoes.
* 4 training filed to train your horses, 5 difficulty for each.
* 25 cups to win on horse races.
* 30 quest to find the lost magical crystals


Thanks to F4CG / Lively

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