March 9, 2012

Bronze v1.01 / Strategy [MF Link]

Bronze v1.01 (by Dreamspike Studios) Size: 91,8Mb

Welcome to the world of Bronze, a unique turn-based strategy game that takes place in ancient Mesopotamia during the Bronze Age. Bronze is a historical game, and it is also a completely new game experience that is unlike any game you have ever played before. We really mean that!
Bronze is all about making you feel like a true ruler of a civilization. Therefore, you’ll focus on the big picture and will not have to worry about ordering around peons or crunching numbers. There are no tech trees to climb or wait periods before you actually get to do something fun in the game. The moment the game starts, you will be immediately competing for territory with other civilizations through warfare, religion, economics, and diplomacy.
In Bronze, you take control of one of twelve ancient civilizations. Your goal is to conquer the ancient world before the end of the age. The strengths and weaknesses of each civilization are modeled after their historical counterparts, and remarkably, every civilization requires a completely different approach to the game. In addition, some civilizations in the game are stronger than others because that was actually the case a long time ago. Races in the game appear at locations approximately when they would have been there in ancient times. Finally, every attempt was made to make places and resources geographically accurate, based on archeological research and other information available today.

• Fast playing, Eurogame style land conquest strategy game. A typical scenario can be played in under fifteen minutes. Best of all, no micromanagement!
• Primarily designed for the single player experience, up to three others can join in Hotseat play.
• Turn based, mouse driven interface.
• In game tutorial will have you becoming master of your empire within minutes of playing!
• Historically accurate, you will actually have fun and learn something at the same time!
• Gorgeous hand painted artwork and brilliant authentic musical scores bring the world of Bronze to life on your monitor.
• Twelve civilizations: Akkadians, Assyrians, Babylonians, Elamites, Ebla, Egyptians, Gutians, Hittites, Kassites, Mitanni, Nomads, and Sumerians.
• Each civilizations has its own strengths and weaknesses requiring different tactics.
• Ten construction types including Mining Villages, Towns, Palaces, Bridges, and more.
• Nine terrain types. Included are various mining deposits, swamps, fertile lands, and other terrain, all of which have an impact on gameplay and player strategy.
• Ten campaign games set in three eras of the Bronze Age: Early, Middle, and Late.
• Exciting Survival game mode with twelve randomized campaigns. Take your chosen civilization and face off against all rivals to see how long your empire can actually last.
• Custom matches/tournaments. Craft your own single matches or multi-match tournament games. Select who you play against, where you play, and other variables for endless action.
• Random Map Generator and new maps easily created by modifying existing files.
• With its exotic setting and innovative mechanics Bronze is unlike anything you've played before!

System requirements:
• Windows XP/Vista/7
• DirectX 8
• 800 MHz
• 128 MB RAM


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