April 20, 2011

Smoking Guns: Shooting Gallery (1st PERSON SHOOTER)

PC game | English | Genre: Shooter | 57 MB

Smoking Guns: Shooting Gallery! is a virtual shooting gallery with different themes: from western levels with towns and forts to alien invasions and a base on Mars and horror levels with ghosts and monsters. Each level has an extensive amount of variations that can be defined precisely or left to chance. With a variety of weapons, including colts, a shotgun and a machine gun, you have to sweep the levels before getting killed or running out of time. Weapons reloads happen both manually or automatically.

The gameplay is spiced up with innocent civilians wandering about, hidden and special targets and parachutes with bonuses. These bonus objects include multipliers, sticks of dynamite, extra time, slowdown, bonus scores or new weapons. Sometimes, when shooting a parachute, a focus event is started, a small action sequence with different gameplay:

* Armageddon: Wipe out swarms of enemies with your machine gun

* Duel: One bullet, one enemy playing dead. Be the first to shoot before he stands upright completely.

* Hit 'em All: Make successive shots to increase your multiplier. If you miss or hit a civilian, the multiplier is reset.

* Hit 'em Hard: The targets require multiple hits to disappear.

* Sniper Time: A single enemy is hiding in a group of civilians. Shoot him before he vanishes.

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