May 3, 2011

Airport Control Simulator

Airport Control Simulator | 29.32 mb.

Is the altitude correct? Which plane can stay in the air longer? What direction are other planes coming from and is a collision likely? You are in control. Land all types of airplane on your airport, until there are no more incoming flights.
As Air Traffic Controller you will experience the stress, the hectic pace and the satisfaction of landing all of your planes as safely and as quickly as possible. Avoiding collisions at all times, direct planes to their correct landing path and runway, while monitoring their fuel load closely. Your results will be strictly monitored, a score attributed and new airports unlocked – but any accident will result in your immediate firing.

Features in Airport Control Simulator:

* Casual addictive game play
* 15 Different International Airports
* Realistic Air Plane Behavior
* Dynamic Weather
* Complete control over the airspace
* Progressively harder levels and complex manoeuvres


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