April 19, 2011

Iron Roses |PC| 160,30mb

Iron Roses |PC| 160,30mb

True love, Alex has always been music, particularly music, played by her former band Iron Roses. They are very ugly split and since then, Alex has worked here and there, hoping one day to climb the musical Olympus. Alex Help to find former partner and try to persuade them to participate in the upcoming musical battle of "Battle of the Bands". Find the lost equipment, interact with the characters and use all their abilities to break into the top of the charts!

System requirements:
Operating system: Windows XP / Vista
Processor: Pentium III 800MHz or better (1.0 GHz Vista)
Memory: 512 MB
Video: 128MB AGP Video card with Full DirectX 9 support
Free hard disk space: 500 MB

Year: 2010
Genre: Logic (Hidden objects)
Developer: Cateia Games
Publisher: Sandlot Games
Publication Type: License
Platform: PC
Language English



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